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Construction Services

24-hour emergency service

At Metrospec, our construction department is dedicated to respond to any size disaster as quick as possible.

RBQ 5735-9283-01

Construction Services

Fire , water damage and after disaster restorations

At Metrospec, our construction department is dedicated to respond to any size disaster as quick as possible. We provide 24-hour emergency service and have the training and expertise to handle your fire and water damage and after disaster restoration and cleaning needs.

At Metrospec, we can help you to realize all types of commercial or industrial renovation and restoration  projects, from interior to exterior, from retail stores to multiplex apartment buildings to warehouses, you can take advantage of our expertise and know-how.


Mold growth in your home or property can cause detrimental impacts on both the health of the residents and the foundation of the property.

If mold is not addressed as soon as possible in the correct manner, it will affect not only the appearance and value of your property, but usually points to further rooted issues in the building such as water problems which can become costly in the long term to repair due to the damages it will cause. Mold affects the quality of your indoor air and can cause many serious threats to

Our company specializes in the decontamination of asbestos material from any residential or commercial property. We are the leaders in restoration services and provide services for asbestos inspection, asbestos testing and the safe and permanent vermiculite asbestos removal!

If you suspect your property might be contaminated with this hazardous material, then call us today so you can book your free asbestos inspection with us and clear the issue once and for all. With years of experience in restoration services and asbestos removal, our team of certified professionals are available to help you restore your home or property to a safe and healthy environment.

Cracks often occur in walls and even in the foundation of a building and they appear quite some time after the house was built, as it settles. They mainly appear around doorframes and windows, where the wall is most vulnerable and can be either vertical or horizontal, they can be barely perceivable or really large and visible. However, even the smallest cracks will tend to get larger with time and cause the owners a lot of trouble.

Apart from the aesthetic factor, cracks can also compromise the waterproofing of the foundation and cause really unpleasant seepage issues. This is exactly why they should be repaired as soon as they occur, to avoid them spreading and negatively impact the integrity of the foundation.

RBQ 5735-9283-01

Retirement Homes
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