Do You Need Professional Building Maintenance and Cleaning Services ?

Metrospec Building Maintenance and Cleaning Services

With its head office in Montreal, Quebec and its franchisees throughout Eastern Canada, Metrospec Building Maintenance is a highly reputable, national building maintenance and cleaning services company offering offers quality service, green products, and an excellent reputation in building maintenance and janitorial services.

Metrospec can handle all your residential, commercial and industrial cleaning needs. It services hundreds of businesses in Montreal, the province of Quebec, and Eastern Canada.

With over 15 years of experience in the maintenance industry, Metrospec will apply its expert know-how to each service call. It uses the latest industry equipment and eco-friendly cleaning products to ensure each service call is completed maintaining a high quality standard that exceeds client’s expectations. Whether for a one-time call or to fulfill a periodic maintenance agreement, the Metrospec Building Maintenance team combines high quality cleaning products and a commitment to excellence to ensure each job is completed on time and within budget.

How can Metrospec help with your cleaning needs ?

Call a representative for more information about the full range of services provided by Metrospec and to learn more about its competitive pricing plans. If you prefer to quicken the process, provide a few details about your job requirements through the ‘Quote Request‘ section and an associate will contact with pertinent information to get started.

Metrospec Building Maintenance: an Industry Leader in Building Maintenance and Janitorial Services

girlA commitment to our core values of professional excellence, honesty, and quality work allows Metrospec to build a strong relationship with all our clients. Maintaining these relationships by continuing to provide industry leading cleaning services is our top priority.

Metrospec Building Maintenance and Cleaning Services is committed to delivering the best service available to all it’s clients. Know-how and experience in the maintenance and cleaning of buildings allows the company to grow it’s number of client partnerships in addition to maintaining solid relationships with customers already serviced.

Whether Metrospec is being contracted for an occasional cleaning job or commissioned with an annual service agreement, all clients are treated with high priority and high regard.

Ensuring it maintains it’s solid reputation as both a service provider and as an employer is of utmost importance to company management. All in the company’s day to day operations are weighed against the core values of honesty and integrity to ensure Metrospec maintains it’s position as a highly regarded company within the building maintenance industry.

A Professional Approach

Metrospec approaches each situation with a great deal of consideration; it views your cleaning and specific maintenance and cleaning needs as a problem looking for a solution. Rather than simply suggestion one of the various services the company offers, Metrospec will listen to your situation, inspect any trouble areas that must be dealt with, and ultimately lay out all options to deal with the problem taking time and financial constraints into consideration. Once a course of action has been chosen, the team will proceed to execute the maintenance plan in a highly professional and courteous manner, ensuring the job is completed exactly a described in the initial consultation.

Professional Cleaning Services for public and private sectors, nationwide

At Metrospec, we provide professional cleaning services to both the public and private sectors nationwide. We are dedicated to the professionalism of the service we provide, ensuring that quality of our work, the environment and the occupational health of our clients are our primary objectives in our daily routine.

Contracting Metrospec for your professional cleaning services, frees up precious time and resources from routine task management, allowing you to concentrate on the day to day issues which really matter to your business. Whether you require cleaning services for multi site or single site locations, we can provide flexible cleaning services at times convenient for your business and in line with your industry’s seasonal fluctuations. From general cleaning through to specialist deep clean, we provide a range of services.

Our trained cleaning teams use only the best materials and most innovative equipment and are monitored as part of our quality of service and standards.

Metrospec’s Health, Safety & Environmental Policy

globeWe at Metrospec building services are committed to achieving a green business policy, which is in place to reduce the environmental impact of our business.we will strive to be a leading performance in our industry by embracing this commitment at all levels in the organization and it will not be comprised for any reason.

Our key beliefs are:

Part of this policy is to help reduce waste. Where possible we reuse and recycle all of our packing supplies and materials. This also helps us to keep our costs low. We recycle, paper and plastic.

    • Our fleet of vehicles will also operate with energy-efficient practices that reduce fuel consumption and emissions in the near future.
    • When purchasing copiers or printers, option for those offering the double-sided and other eco-friendly functions, such as copiers with an automatic Standby mode, to save energy, as well as EnergyStar appliances. If possible, avoid laser printers. Like some high speed copiers, laser printers work by burning powder into the paper, making recycling more difficult. We also use Ipads and Iphones to send out information using emails and texts instead of paper.
    • Choose ecological, reusable and durable supplies.
    • We utilize Eco-friendly ways of maintenance and cleaning, as well as biodegradable products that are safe for the environment.


At Metrospec we realize how precious your property is to you. Metrospec Inc has successfully dealt with every type of water damage cleaning situation and we guarantee dedicated technicians who will skillfully and carefully restore your home or commercial building using our expertise to prevent future water damage.

At Metrospec, our technicians use a environment friendly commercial carpet cleaning process which utilizes natural ingredients to get your carpets clean and fresh again.

Regardless of the type of carpeting you have in your business, our technicians will be able to get them as free from odours and stains as possible, as well as being hygienically clean.

At Metrospec We offer professional office cleaning services to the Greater Montreal area. We can consult with you to determine your specific needs and the frequency of your service.

From after hours to weekends, at Metrospec, we are very flexible when it comes to scheduling a right time for your office cleaning.

At Metrospec, we can design a practical and cost effective professional window cleaning program to meet your individual site requirements. Metrospec will deliver a consistent quality service efficiently and safely.

Metrospec offers year-round window washing and cleaning services to ensure your windows look great, no matter the season.